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Life Science



Flat Panels
NeoVision is an R&D driven company focused on design and manufacturing of advanced contact-less non-distructive metrology and process control solutions for Semiconductor, PhotoVoltaic (PV), Flat Panel Display (FPD), life-science, and medical devices industries.  These solutions are fundamentally redefining what is possible in Advanced Process Control (APC).

NeoVision develops and deploys innovative devices for controlling critical parameters needed to assure quality control during multiple production processes.  Whether you are from a large-scale production facility, farm or from R&D labs, dealing with silicon wafers, compound semiconductors, highly conductive foils or any other solid or liquid conductive or dielectric materials, searching for the fully automated real-time production control equipment or tabletop laboratory devices - our unique products are optimized to meet your needs.

From most sophisticated process control solutions to simple film thickness probes, NeoVision offers a product development service for semiconductor, PV, FPD, life-science, and manufacturing companies who either want to outsource R&D projects or develop customized versions of NeoVisions´ solutions.
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