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Flat Panel Display Applications

With the increasing use of flat-panel displays (FPDs) from TVs and computer screens to numerous consumer and commercial applications FPD manufacturing worldwide revenues are estimated to approach $100 billion/year by 2010.

Today, FPDs are made on substrates from 1870 mm × 2200 mm and 2160 mm × 2460 mm to as large as 2600mm × 3000 mm with screen sizes as large as 70 in. in diameter.  With the increase in size of these flat panels, system developers have turning to sophisticated new production materials and designs increasing need of continues monitoring and control of the production process.

Wide Range of Applications:
  • Thickness and uniformity measurement of:
    • Ultra thin conductive coatings on non-conductive
    • Non-conductive coatings of conductive materials
    • Conductive films on other conductive materials
    • Conductive metallic or non-metallic films
    • Conductive organic thin films
    • Transparent conductive oxide (e.g. ITO)
    • Conductive transparent, non-transparent of opaque films, etc.
  • Measurement of dielectric permittivity
  • In-situ film thickness measurement
  • Concurrent, multi-point, user-defined measurement of thin films
  • In-situ process control
  • Remote temperature measurement and monitoring (ambient to 800C)
Key Features:
  • Enables contact-less, fast and accurate measurement of very thin films
  • Simplifies manufacturing process, as one IRT tool can be used for a variety of metrology applications, including real time process monitoring
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative for multi-layer structure analysis
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