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Flat Panel Display Products

FPMS-100 (Flat Panel Metrology System)

FPD manufacturers long recognized that to achieve higher efficiency, reliability and extend product life a real-time contactless monitoring of flat panels manufacturing process is necessary.  One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is contactless control of thin-films thickness and uniformity.  Today, measurements in thin film FPD processes are mainly performed off-line and not on each batch.  All tested flat panels are always scrapped.

The introduction of FPMS-100 metrology device will change this situation.  This device can provide FPD manufacturers with a high accuracy, thin film metrology instrument that can be used with a wide range of substrates - from metal foils to thin plastics.  Its ultra-high productivity addresses large-scale manufacturing needs for contactless in-line monitoring of thickness and uniformity of low or high resistivity films - transparent, none-transparent or opaque.

FPMS-100 is ideal for measuring in real-time without contact various transparent conductive oxide films (such as indium-tin-oxide (ITO)).  It could be customized to fit a variety of emerging applications and easily integrated into production lines for multiple applications.  FPMS-100 is effective tool for process development, and could help study and monitor the performance of thin-films in research lab or on the production floor.
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