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Flat Panel Display (FPD) Solutions

The Challenge:   Flat Panel Display market for past 10 years was growing exponentially.  There is an accelerated demand for the FPD as a display element for most informational and digital appliances, such as personal and commercial computers, scientific and laboratory instruments, high-definition TVs, cell phones, iPods, etc.  Also, FPD become integral component for most consumer and commercial products from kitchen refrigerators and ovens to jumbo jets and missile defense systems.

The thickness control and uniformity control of a single layer or a stack of layers is the most important component in the manufacturing process of FPD units.  Evolution of FPD from small hand-held appliances with a digital display to a large high definition TV screens required constant real-time fabrication process monitoring and control, thus enabling manufacturer to maintain high product quality and to increase production yield.

The Solution:   FPMS-100 real-tine thickness and uniformity monitor, that allows continues contactless measurements during entire production process.  It could be easily integrated into almost any FPD production line for multiple fabrication applications.  The FPMS-100 is based on NeoVisionīs Impedance Sensor Technology.

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