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Life Science Applications

Public concern over the safety of food and drinking water is increasingly in the news around the world.  Recent news reports informed public of tainted rice from China, food coloring additives in Europe, E. coli virus contaminated fruits and vegetables in US and Mexico and traces of pharmaceuticals contaminants in drinking water in more than 25 metropolitan areas in the United States.  Faced with newer contaminants and declining sources of drinking water, providers worldwide are escalating their monitoring and testing as they seek to tap into non-traditional water supplies.  While testing is increasing overall, it is growing exponentially in several developing countries, especially in Asia and particularly in China and India.  This is not only to guarantee that the large and fast growing populations in those areas have safe drinking water but also to ensure that the agricultural and aquatic products they export to western nations are free of unacceptable levels of water-borne contaminants.

Industrial Applications:
  • Food processing
  • Beverage plants
  • Health care industry
  • Desalinization plants
  • Petrochemical and metallurgical plantsí return water monitoring
  • Boiler Water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Deionized water monitoring for semiconductor industry
  • Remote real-time monitoring of water for harmful levels of chemicals and metals, detection of dangerous viruses and bacteria
Farming and Dairy Applications:
  • Real-time monitoring of water salinity and Ph
  • Real-time monitoring of various parameters of milk
  • Dairy products monitoring for consistent quality and bacteria content
Hatchery and Wildlife Applications:
  • Real time monitoring of environment to prevent spreading of harmful bacteria
  • Constant monitoring of bodies of water to prevent human and wildlife poisoning from chemicals
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