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NWMM-2020 is innovative monitoring device developed to enable real-time non-invasive measurement of impurities in liquids, such as water, agricultural and industrial solutions, etc.  It addresses market need that as of now no other measurement instrument could fill.  Only NWMM-2020 monitoring device on the market today that could:
  • Examine water properties with no physical contact (non invasive), no need to submerge the sensor into the liquid or take samples of the liquid for measurement (all other tools and instrument require direct contact of an electrode or a reagent with water)
  • Assure extremely high sensitivity
  • Conduct experiments and tests of water quality or other liquids without use of any consumable
  • elements or elaborated maintenance of an electrode thus substantially reducing cost of operation
  • Determine water contamination level without conducting multiple tests and experiments
  • Enable a wide variety of properties to be measured by a single device
  • Provide test results in second or milliseconds as apposed to current devices that take at best minutes and most often hours and days
  • Operate without consumables with infrequent calibration requirements and almost no maintenance on test site
  • Monitor various industrial processes in real time
  • Allow for simple production integration, easy installation and operation
  • Enable to collect data for off-line analysis or remotely via Internet
  • Substantially reduce cost per test
MWMM-2020 is absolutely a new kind of sensing device that will allow real-time monitoring of fluids organic and non-organic impurities concentration based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.  The device consists of a sensing element and controller.  Sensing element is a resonating coil that externally mounts on a dielectric (plastic or glass) pipe and can be combined with a temperature-controlling device.  The controller is a programmable device with power supply, wave generator, data acquisition, and communication modules.  The liquid´s composition is determined by inducing an electro-magnetic field through the pipe at different frequencies and then analyzing response signals.

MWMM-2020 sensing device is a tool that provide industrial manufacturers, research labs, agricultural producers, hospitals, etc with a high accuracy and repeatability metrology instrument that can be used for a wide range of applications - from looking for wide range of ions and impurities, heavy metals, acids various poisons in liquids and monitor water for harmful bacteria, viruses, etc.  The measurements are very accurate, and provide high sensitivity, so ion concentrations as low as .01 parts per billion can be registered.

MWMM-2020 could be customized to fit a variety of emerging applications.  Please contact us for further information.
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