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Photovoltaic Products

PVMS-100 (Photovoltaic Metrology System)

Today, measurements of thin-films during PV panel fabrication are mainly performed off-line and not on each batch.  Tested solar panels are always scrapped.  Our answer to the challenge was development of PVMS-100 metrology device.  This device is based on Impedance Resonance Technology (IRT) that we developed at our research lab.  IRT uses non-contact probing of object under test by harmonic electromagnetic fields.  IRT uses one or several resonant circuits to tune sensitivity of a highest level for each component measured in order to find the optimal field frequencies at which IRT will operate.  IRT principle of operation is based on a modified methodology of Impedance Spectroscopy (IS).  By using the IS method, we can find frequencies at which the impedance of measured object under test has strong correlation to known parameters (e.g. resistivity of ITO at various film thickness).  That information forms a database for use in identification of various parameters of thin films such us film thickness, uniformity, resistivity, etc.

PVMS-100 is ideal for measuring in real-time without contact various conductive and semi-conductive metallic and non-metallic films regardless if they are transparent, none-transparent or opaque including widely used in PV industry TCO films (such as indium-tin-oxide (ITO)).  It could be easily integrated into most PV panel production lines for multiple applications.  PVMS-100 is effective tool for process development, and could help study and monitor the performance of thin-films in research lab or on the production floor.
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