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Photovoltaic Solutions

The Challenge:   In recent years photovoltaic cells become an important source of world electrical energy.  For decades solar cells have been in production, but recent energy crisis, world´s political instability and desire to use "green energy" have stimulated development of solar energy.  Many different cell materials and designs are now in production.  With introduction of new cost-efficient technologies of various thin films deposition techniques, including film printing, need for real-time thin-film uniformity and thickness measurement throughout entire photovoltaic panel fabrication process become crucial.  At present most measurements in thin film PV processes are done off-line.  There are no in-line measuring systems that are capable to monitor the film thickness of all layers throughout the solar cell manufacturing process.  A new technology is needed to help thin film PV producers control their production in-line to guaranty quality and efficiency of solar cell and thus enhancing production yield.  This technology will accelerate development cycles and help to transfer and ramp up established processes to new production lines.

The Solution:   Impedance Resonance Technology (IRT) is a solution for that challenge.  PVMS-100 based on IRT is an answer for comprehensive process control and effective process development of contactless electrical sensor system capable of measuring film thickness and uniformity of almost any film (including transparent conducting oxide (TCO)) throughout the entire PV panel fabrication process.

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