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Semiconductor Applications

Key Features:
  • Enables contact-less, fast and accurate measurement of any film with thickness as low as 3nm
  • Simplifies manufacturing process, as one RST tool can be used for a variety of metrology applications, including real time process monitoring
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative for multi-layer structure analysis and deep sub-100-nm feature inspection and control
Wide Range of Applications:
  • Thickness measurement of thin conductive coatings on non-conductive and doped substrates
  • Conductive layers on other conductive materials
  • Thickness measurement of ultra thin non-conductive materials
  • Measurement of dielectric permittivity
  • Bumps quality adhesion inspection
  • Wafer edge exclusion zone inspection
  • In-situ film thickness measurement
  • Concurrent, multi-point, user-defined measurement of thin films
  • In-situ process control
  • Measurement of dielectrics permittivity
  • Measurement of dielectric coating uniformity
  • Remote temperature measurement and monitoring (ambient to 800°C)
Direct and Indirect Measurement Parameters:
  • Film resistivity
  • Bulk resistivity
  • Sheet resistance
  • CV characteristics
  • IV characteristics
  • Wafer profile
  • Dielectric constant
  • Film thickness
  • Topography
  • Temperature
Major Benefits to IC Manufacturers:
  • Process equipment efficiency improvement
  • Support maximum tool throughput
  • Significant reduction of scrap and rework
  • Possibility of real time measurement and process control of each wafer
  • Easy support for new technologies
  • Low cost of ownership
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