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Semiconductor Products

NeoVisions´line of metrology products utilize novel Impedance Resonance Technology (IRT) that was pioneered by NeoVision´s scientific and engineering teams.  IRT is based on the analysis of electromagnetic resonance by utilizing proprietary data processing algorithm resulting in improved throughput, sensitivity, and accuracy that significantly surpass measurements derived using existing techniques.

Single and MultiSensor IRT are unique innovative systems that can span production process from BEOL to FEOL.  Among numerous applications IRT based systems allow measurement and inspection of thin and thick films, process matching through entire chip fabrication process, wafer bump adhesion inspection, and IC logic testing, to name a few.  The IRT system´s versatile modular design is a key enabler for manufacturers to solve metrology challenges including in-situ monitoring and control during numerous production processes, ability to measure stacks of conductive films and wafer edge exclusion zone inspection.  IRT products are non-contact and non-distructive.

Partial list of applications that we have developed to date:
  • In-Situ Process Control Solutions
  • In-Line and Stand-Alone Solutions
  • Multi Sensor Solutions
  • Bump Adhesion Solutions
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