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Innovation  NeoVision introduced new innovative technology that fundamentally redefined what is possible in the process control.  NeoVision´s Impedance Resonance Technology (IRT) broke technological barriers that prevented real-time non-contact Advanced Process Control (APC) of many production processes, including the latest integrated circuit (IC) fabrication.  Impedance Resonance Sensor Solution (IRSS) is an economic alternative to most existing metrology tools used for measuring critical parameters such as: bulk resistivity, "sheet_p", film thickness, dielectric constant of insulators, detection of numerous contaminants and/or parameters of various liquids and other physical characteristics of solid or liquid materials and objects.

Experience  NeoVision core business is researching, developing and commercializing technology products with a focus on solutions for the semiconductor, photovoltaic, FPD, life-science and medical device industries.  Based in Silicon Valley, the company employs a talented group of scientists and engineers dedicated to create innovative, cost effective solutions to enable effective stand alone measurements and/or advanced process control for numerous production processes.

The company offers a product development service for OEMs or manufacturing companies who either want to out-source R&D projects or develop customized versions of NeoVision products.

We are interested in meeting potential strategic partners in any industry for joint product and business development programs.

NeoVision is funded by a private group of investors.

Vision  NeoVision´s vision is to create stand alone and process control products that are non-contact, real-time, precise, inexpensive, robust, and virtually maintenance-free.  NeoVision has developed a noval technology IRT and is promoting the adoption of an entirely new class of real-time, contactless metrology tools for virtually any stand alone application or control of any production process.
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