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Flat Panels
Control  NeoVision´s Advanced Process Control (APC) Technologies make real time production process monitoring and control a reality.  NeoVision develops and deploys innovative solutions for controlling critical parameters needed to assure quality control during multiple production processes related to semiconductor, photovoltaic, FPD, life-science, medical devices, etc. Whether you are from a large-scale production facility, farm or from R&D labs, dealing with silicon wafers, compound semiconductors, highly conductive foils or any other solid or liquid conductive or dielectric materials, searching for fully automated real-time equipment or tabletop devices - our unique products are optimized to meet your needs.

Productivity  NeoVision stripped away complexity, fragility and cost of stand alone metrology tools creating simple process control modules that are significantly superior in real-time non-contact performance.  NeoVision allowed metrology become a part of the production control of almost any process increasing productivity and cutting wasted production time.

Profitability  Superior in sensor sensitivity and speed of data acquisition in comparison to any electrical sensor technology NeoVision product users raise yield, reduce waste, and increase production tool utilization that ultimately significantly reduces manufacturing cost.  With a very low cost of the product ownership and unmatched reliability end-users, profitability is assured.

Solutions  NeoVision offers solutions for the following industries:
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